Bangle Size Guide

We have made it easy for you to find the perfect bangle size. In this short guide, we'll go through how to measure your hand and select the bangle size. 

Please note: Many bangles are adjustable

1. Measuring Your Hand

(If you have a flexible measuring tape, take measurement as shown in the second image and skip to "Selecting the Size" -section.)

You'll need

  • a ruler
  • a slice of paper
  • a pen
  • (optional: scissors and tape)


First, touch the pinky with your thumb as you were putting on a bangle. Make your hand as small as possible.

Then wrap the slice of paper around the widest point and use a pen to mark the spot where the paper meets.

(Optional: Cut the paper with scissors and use tape to make it circle. Now you can double check if it fits.)


Second, measure the slice of paper. 


2. Selecting the Size

You should select the next available size that is larger than your hand measurement. 

This will ensure that you can put the bangle on comfortably and it doesn't fall off.