Bracelet Size Guide

Finding the perfect bracelet size hasn't ever been this easy. In this short guide, we'll go through how to measure your wrist size and which size to choose.


How to Measure Your Wrist 

(If you have a measuring tape, measure your wrist and skip to "Selecting the Right Size")

You'll need:

  • a ruler
  • a slice of paper
  • a pen
  • (scissors are optional)


First, wrap the slice of paper around your wrist. Use a pen to mark the spot where the paper meets.

Second, measure the slice of paper. (You can cut the paper with scissors and double check if it fits around your wrist)


Selecting the Right Size

Please keep in mind:

  • Some of the bracelets have pendants, which aren't included in the bracelet length. As a result, the total bracelet length might be a bit longer. (For example: The bracelet length is 7.5" and it has a 1" pendant. The total length will be 8.5")
  • If you wear a bracelet a lot, some of them might stretch a little bit


Select the bracelet size based on how you want it to fit:

If the bracelet length is

0.25"-0.5" longer than your wrist, it will have a snug fit

0.75"-1" longer than your wrist, it will have a comfort fit

1.25" longer than your wrist, it will have a loose fit



Example of selecting the size:


Your wrist measures at 7.6" inches.

The bracelet has a 0.5" pendant.

You can select the 7.5" size, because total bracelet length will be 8.1".