Ring Size Guide

Adjustable Rings

! Most of the rings in the Gilded Collection are adjustable. They don't have the option to select a size. You can also identify them from the product images (look for a gap) or by looking at the "Product Info" -box.


Ring Size Guide

Finding a good-fitting ring doesn't have to be hard. In this guide, we'll show two ways to find the right size: 1) by measuring your finger or 2) by measuring an existing ring.

At the end of the article, you'll find a Ring Size Chart.


When to measure & factors affecting the size of the finger

  • Measure your finger at the end of the day since our fingers tend to be bigger.
  • Pregnancy and workouts may make your fingers swell.
  • Don't measure when you're cold. When cold, our fingers are smaller because of less blood flow. 

Other notes

  • Left and right fingers can be different sizes. Don't expect the ring to fit the same finger on both hands.
  • Wider rings will fit tighter than narrow rings.



Way 1: Measure Your Finger


You will need:

  • a ruler or measuring tape
  • a slice of paper
  • a pen
  • (scissors are optional)


First, wrap a slice of paper around your finger.

Second, measure the slice of paper. (You can cut it and double check if the length is right)

Third, look at the Ring Size Chart and find the closest circumference. (You should round up if between sizes).



Way 2: Measure Your Existing Ring

Put your ring on top of a ruler and measure the inside diameter. 

Then look at the Ring Size Chart and find the closest inside diameter. (You should round up if between sizes)


Ring Size Chart

Ring Size Circumference Diameter
Inches MM Inches MM
3 1.7 44 0.55 14
4 1.8 47 0.59 15
5 1.85 49 0.62 15.7
6 1.9 52 0.65 16.5
7 1.95 55 0.68 17.5
8 2.0 57 0.72 18
9 2.05 60 0.75 19
10 2.1 52 0.78 20
11 2.15 65 0.81 20.7
12 2.2 68 0.85 21.5
13 2.25 70 0.88 22